My week at Yorkshire Media

This week I have learnt many new skills and developed new ideas about what it’s like to work as part of a media company. I have learnt photography skills from Mark that mainly involved lighting and editing photos which I have found very helpful as these skills will help me in my college work. I […]

Back to school to inspire

We hear so often these days about how gloomy the prospects are for school leavers in the current economic climate, but one of last year’s sixth form graduates took time out return to her former school in Hornsea recently to give positive encouragement to the students who will go on to be the class of […]

Twitter Feed Shutdown…

If you have noticed any changes to your website regarding your Twitter feeds disappearing, don’t panic! Unfortunately Twitter have changed the way that 3rd party widgets access their service, this then means that your Twitter feed on your website may no longer work. However we have come up with a solution to this; by adding […]

Is iOS7 The Way Forward?

Apple officially announced iOS7 yesterday, the latest version of it’s iOS operating system, claiming that it is the “biggest change” since the release of the iPhone. The re-designed user interface appears more stripped back and refined, with bold and colourful statement icons and and new fonts. Whether you like the new icon design or don’t, […]