Google Panda Slap is good for SEO Professionals

“Google Panda Slap a good thing for people working in search engine marketing, never” I hear you say in reply. I would agree optimising web sites has got much harder with the new changes that Google have brought in but the ethos of Google Panda slap is a good one, and if SEO professionals want […]

New website for Gelder and Kitchen LLP – UK Architects and Civil Engineers

We’ve just finished a revamp of a website for an existing client in Hull, Gelder and Kitchen LLP. Being a long established Architect and Civil Engineering partnership in the North East of England, the client sought a fresh, elegant, graphic-led design with easy navigation and something “a little different”. It was also important to code […]

Making your site load faster with gzip

Although internet speeds are always on the increase, it is important for web developers not to start cutting corners when it comes to compression and file sizes.

One little trick to utilise it gzip compression, if you have not heard of it, there is a great article which can be found here. In short, gzip compression zips your main files before sending them to the clients browser. The browser will then unzip the content and display it, reducing needed bandwidth by around 60%.

It’s such a great feature because pretty much all browsers support this feature, and those that don’t will not be served the zipped file, so it degrades gracefully…