So you want to blog!

Everyone seems to be blogging, whether it’s about their travels, beauty secrets, food or animals. You can find blogs on any subject, some are really well written and informative, and some aren’t! Here are some tips if you fancy creating your own blog – • The Title. Make it catchy and self-explanatory. Around 6 words […]

design agency

Why use a design agency?

All under one roof Why should you use a design agency when you’re starting a business, updating your current business or just need a bit of help with your website, social media and marketing? That’s a very good question, and one I’ll try to answer for you here. Image you want a new bathroom. You […]

How to convert website visitors into customers

So you’re doing everything you can to get visitors flocking to your website, but what about when they get there? How do you ensure that you grab their attention and get them to pick up the phone and/or part with their hard-earned cash? We’ll show you just how to convert website visitors into customers! Make sure […]

12m Wall Graphic

Go big, or go home – Sumo UK Case Study

  Design work can vary everyday in the Yorkshire Media office, from business cards to vehicle wraps; however in late December I was tasked with my greatest challenge yet… Large print work is no stranger to us designers, it can be quite time-consuming, but boy does it pay off. A week before the Christmas break, one […]

How To Make The Most Of Your Home Page!

First point of contact The home page of your website is usually a visitors first contact with your business, so needs to be impressive and easy to use. Not an easy task! We’re all put off by adverts, pop-ups and information overload when we visit a website so it’s important to keep it simple. The right […]

School’s Back!

Hands up! Who’s ready for their offspring to go back to school next week? Six weeks is a long time to keep them entertained or to pay for childcare. At least the weather has been generally good, for the UK anyway! Most of you will have taken a holiday, maybe relaxing on a beach somewhere […]